Fatai’s Music

There is this 19 years old kid by the name of Fatai from Australia that I’ve bumped into by chance while browsing through YouTube looking for some music to sooth my soul. I was captivated by her talent from the first moment I heard her strum through those strings to the moment she opened her mouth and sang. There is certainly something that words can’t describe when she sings. I’m also impressed by her style of delivery and the way she pronounces the lyrics. She has this thing that makes her dominates and own the song even if it’s not her composition.

Here Fatai is doing a cover version of Diamonds by Rihanna.

There is certainly nothing wrong with going to music school and learn the rules that govern the art of music, but I’m always fascinated by raw talent because I personally believe that’s where most creativity is and this is where many of the rules are broken without even the artist themselves knowing or even caring whether they are breaking them or not….Notice her choice of chords and the way she progress then does the remix.

Watching this video below gives me the sense she was a bit nervous but amazingly enough she was still able to pull a vote from Seal. Going to music school myself, this is where my main concern is with controlled environments and rules yet being expected to give your best. Some might argue that performing under pressure pushes one to the limit and gets the best out of you. Well that might be true but as for Fatai and I maybe we are fine without the pressure.

She is 19 years old and I understand she started singing at the age of 7. I think the future really looks bright for this girl and I think Australia is too small for her, she needs to relocate to the U.S where the markert is bigger and a Hub of the entertainment industry. I’m sure if she meets the right people she can hit the world by storm. On the interim I’m her No.1 fan.


Our Heritage still soldiers on. Rissik Street Post Office.

The Post rissik street post office in 2013.
The Post rissik street post office in 2013.

Constructed in 1897, The Rissik Street Post Office was one of South Africa’s communication life blood and still remains an important historical and heritage building in the city of Johannesburg. The Post Office had an impressive clock tower which was designed by Lous Collins who also designed a number of other clock towers in the city including the Markham’s Clock down in eloff street.

At the dawn of the 21st century the city of Johannesburg experienced overcrowding of foreigners mostly from African countries. And with most businesses migrating to the northern parts of Johannesburg such as Rosebank and Sandton, this led to a state of debilitation and most buildings were either left unoccupied or occupied by squarters. The Rissik Street Post Office was one of the buildings that fell victim to this illegal occupation.

In 2006 it was burnt down and a decision was taken by the the City of Council to renovate the building. There were negotiations with Gauteng government to subsidise the renovations and have some of their departmental offices there. Although they have subsidised the renovations they however did not have their offices there and the building currently lies mothballed.