I was sexually harassed yesterday…


Yesterday while eating at a restaurant, there comes this guy and acted like he was loosing balance while passing by my table then landed with a grip on my thigh. I was wearing shorts and I felt so disgusted and angry because I could see that he was gay and he enjoyed that touch.

I feel different and I turn to do things differently hence I would like to believe that I lead a bohemian lifestyle of some sort. So believe it or not, I don’t have anything against gay people. In fact I distance myself from people who discriminate against gay people.

This thing however made me realize how devastating and serious sexual harassment is. Many women endure this kind of harassment daily at work, schools and other social environments. From men (married ones too) making comments on a passing woman, to simple calling someone who is not your girlfriend baby, to forcing yourself to a woman you clearly see that she’s not into you. I’m sorry but I think that has some elements of harassment.


Well I know there are countless number of sexual harassment out there, some come very subtle. But what I’ve learned yesterday is that another man can only touch me on my hands. That’s when he gives me a hand shake. Beyond that I’m suing for sexual harassment.

Hash tag I’m aware of cultural differences where people kiss as a way of greeting.


4 thoughts on “I was sexually harassed yesterday…

  1. I thought I’d visit your side of the blogosphere today 🙂

    Most men would never, ever think of taking on a topic like this. Certainly not most black men.
    Brave choice.

    I can completely understand how you can not be anti-gay and feel the way you do.

    The truth is that this is very much the same for women. It’s not that we don’t like men. It’s not that we don’t find men attractive. It’s not that we like bra-burning, or want to grow our arm and leg hair. We don’t.

    We can not be anti-men and still not enjoy the experience of sexual harassment (understatement).

    The point is that the person doing the harassing meant it as an intrusion. (Yes, even the “nice” harassers mean to wear you down with their charm.)

    If someone breaks into your home, sits on your couch and eats your food, you wouldn’t like that, right? Whether or not they actually stole something valuable (we’ll ignore the food), it is actually the intrusion that causes the feeling of revolt, revulsion and fear. Are you no longer safe in your own home? Well, with sexual harassment it is, “Am I no longer safe in my own body?”

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