Regarding the Omar al-Bashir debacle!

The biggest criticism that we as Afrikanists must heap on ourselves is our romanticisation of any Afrikan leader who is being persecuted by the West. We defend the most indefensible things, whether or not they are to the detriment of our people, just to give the West the middle finger.

One such case is that of Omar al-Bashir, a racist murderer responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Sudanese people (specifically the non-Arab population), and the displacement of millions. His reign of terror is well documented, and it hurts even more when you go to Sudan and listen to the real accounts given by the south Sudanese people, who are still living through the legacy of the man’s beastliness.

I support the argument that Afrikan and Arab leaders seem to be the ones prosecuted by the ICC, and that therefore we must withdraw from that institution and strengthen our own court in Arusha. But history is littered with many examples of how Afrikan leaders are incapable of holding each other accountable. I don’t trust our leaders to be just, precisely because they are all a gang of thugs who benefit from each other’s thuggery. Our leaders will stand back and watch their own commit an atrocity, and will do nothing to stop him. That’s why the AU is this toothless institution that it is – it is because the strength of the AU is derived from the strength of its member states. Therefore with its member states being this weak, the AU is bound to be weak. I’m saying here that before we can make noise about the ICC (and we must), we must first be honest about the state of our own house (it is a perilous state). And we must realise that this state can only change once we become courageous enough to get rid of these old thugs, these lootists, these savage murderers that we call leaders. But before that, can the kak rhetoric about al-Bashir being some African hero stop, because that man is an anti-Black murderer and lootist. Nothing less.