If only South Africa was hard on drugs, if only!

I’m a seldom overseas traveler. I’m stunned by the stories here. I’ve bumped into this site (lockedup) while looking up for Minister Siyabonga Cwele which eventually led me to his wife’s arrest and I found myself exploring South Africans in foreign jails. It is heart-wrenching to read these stories and eye opening at the same time. In particular because when they give a description of how a drug mule looks like, they simple say ” Just stand in front of the mirror, that’s how a drug mule look like”!

I’ll make do visit South Africans in prisons whenever I go abroad, just to give them emotional and moral support and maybe some financial support as well. Thanks for starting the site, and warning us of the realities out there Belinda West!

Speaking of which!

I lived in Indonesia for a while. The first thing you are constantly reminded of when you’re reading the brochures to go there is “Don’t get yourself in trouble by doing drugs” and when you go for your visa at the embassy they will dedicate some 2 to 3 minutes to warn you about doing drugs in Indonesia!..When you are about to land, the airline hostess will clearly announce in English and Bahasa that drugs have a heavy penalty in this country. When you step in the airport, the first thing you see is a big sign, I remember it well it was all in red and the words ” PENALTY FOR DOING DRUGS IS DEATH SENTENCE” were in white and I thought to myself, these people mean business about this drugs thing! Only to see on the news the very next evening that 4 Nigerians and an Australian were caught with drugs at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, the very spot I passed through, and they hastily received the death sentence in a much publicized case. I thought to myself if only in South Africa we were this hard on drugs if only!


Zuma is the face of SA, whether we like it or not!

I’m not an ANC member or affiliated to the ruling party in any way, but I am a patriot and my politics are centered around the will of the people, hence I decide which political party to vote for just right before the elections. These videos that are constantly in circulation showing Zuma making a fool of himself however, have really gotten in my nerves. I don’t think they are funny at all

You see, as much as we cannot agree with some of the policies of the ruling party or what Zuma himself has done but I would like to point out that whether we like it or not, Zuma is the face of South Africa. He represents us out there, and when he is making a fool of himself we ought not to laugh, we must in fact ask ourselves, what does that say about us as South Africans to the international community?

We all know that Maths is not our President’s strong point but there’s no one in the ANC with the foresight to see to it that numbers need to be written in words to avoid Zuma embarrassing himself over and over again when making his speeches.

NOOO man this is really not on!

Can someone reading this article from the ANC do something about this!.. I’m Swati and we have this saying– Tibi Tendlu– which literally translates to “Dirty Laundry”. Zuma is our dirty laundry, as patriots let’s all agree that we’ve made a mistake to have elected this man to that position and let’s acknowledge that we have learned from this but most importantly let’s try and hide our dirty laundry to protect ourselves from this kind of shame!

Let’s talk about Muammar Gaddafi!

Besides claims by the Western countries of the Lockerby Bombings for which Libya was harassed and an “innocent” man spending years in jail.
Well it’s also a well known fact that he came to power in a coup, suppressed political opponents, funded armed groups that the USA categorised as terrorist and attempted to obtain weapons of mass destruction (hash tag according to who: the West again?)…None if this is seriously disputed.
Crimes? Others have done the same and not been punished. The USA protected General Franco, and numerous similar people around the world. Nothing was done about Saddam Hussein until after the end of the Cold War, when he became inconvenient.
You can’t speak of crimes without some sort of impartial judgement, which is lacking.
And by the way he was also rumored to be worth over 200 Billion USD ( so much so for forbes claiming for years that Bill gates is the richest man in the planet, which I personally believe the richest man is in the middle East, probably the Sheik Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Makhthaum, but that’s a topic for another day). The real question is what happened to Muammar Gaddafi’s money? When someone out there freezes accounts of the so called dictators what eventually happens to the money once it gets liquidated again, if it does become liquid?
What are we being fed here and by who?.. We are bombarded by so much Western media propaganda that we begin to drink the cool aid.. I still choose to not drink the cool aid!