Is there a true democracy?

What is democracy?

Democracy (in simple terms) means majority rule.

If the majority is homophobic, a true democracy is bound to legislate hatred towards gays and lesbians. If the majority is atheist and also happens to hate religion, a true democracy would vote to outlaw religion. If the majority is racist and anti semitic, a true democracy is bound to legislate against the hatred of different races. If the majority are xenophobic, a true democracy is bound to legislate against the foreigners.

Is there a true democracy?


13 thoughts on “Is there a true democracy?

  1. No there isn’t, what we have, I call it demon-crazy not democracy because freedom in itself ain’t free. Two weeks back I argued with a lawyer who was in inciting hate speech. He posted a post on facebook saying Nigerians must go back to Nigeria and they must stop flooding South Africa with drugs more especially drugs. He was proudly saying South Africa must be for South Africans and blamed our late former president for allowing foreigners into South Africa. And I asked him one question and he couldn’t answer, that does he know his constitution or does he understand it since he is a lawyer?


    1. For a lawyer he must have known better since he’s “suppose” to have more authority on our constitution. Many people fail to understand the difference between hate speech and freedom of speech. I think this lawyer fits that bill.

      Having said so, I do still think South Africa needs to have well defined laws around exit and entry into the Republic. We are having tough time getting visa’s and the fact that our passport have been used by multiple international criminal enterprise has made it hard for us to get visa to countries like German and U.K.

      I do also need to point out that I like what the current Minister is doing in the Department of Home Affairs, establishing diplomatic relations with Southern African Countries, People from Lesotho for example won’t need to use a visa, and they won’t be arrested if they are not found with a passport, that’s a good step to the right direction. The United States of Afrika.

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  2. America’s Founding Fathers were also aware of that possibility of what has been called the Tyranny of the Majority, which is why some safeguards were built into the system — the two-thirds vote on some issues, for instance, or the high bar to cross for amending the Constitution.
    Maybe a true democracy would be built on more than just voting? Public service, for instance?

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    1. You bring up very pertinent points there Jnana. Fortunately most democratic government have measures in place to safeguard the democratic ideology. Other than that the constitution will be just ink on paper – in South Africa for example, we have laws that protects gay rights, in spite of this there’s still overwhelming intolerance against LGBT’s and the police who are supposed to enforce the rule of law, seem to be lenient to perpetrators of hate crimes against gay and lesbians.

      The very same politicians who are in power through a two-thirds majority will condemn these acts but on the background be in concurrence with the perpetrators.

      A true democracy should begin in patriotism, tolerance, equality etc and should be built as you put it, in public service and putting the country’s interest first than the ruling party’s.


  3. Rule by the majority does not exist it would be impossible to implement.
    So we vote in those we think are competent to rule on our behalf every five years.
    Human nature is a subtle cunning and slippery fellow and exploits any system for personal gain.
    The good news is the government have to jump the election hurdle to get back into power. The bad news is having jumped that hurdle they can carry on unhindered.

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    1. Interesting school of thought, I’m fascinated to find out your views on government implementation of policies without consulting the very same masses that elected them. Would you still say “Majority does not exist” when then majority turns against the government and refuse to recognize those policies and infact thruimph in bringing change to such policies?…

      However for some reason you just remind me of quote by Ernesto Che Guevara when he said, “I’m not a liberator, people liberate themselves!”, I think Guevara knew that somehow there’s a connection between an incumbent ruling party and the masses.


      1. The majority has to be extremely stirred up to take to the streets ; as in Greece in the financial crisis; or England and the poll-tax.
        Normally they groan and moan and take political sides aided by the media.
        As countries come under stress the chance of revolution becomes greater.
        Often the new rulers are very similar to the last ones. They make sure they themselves benefit while steering the Titanic.
        What most people mean by liberation is financial freedom from the surfdom of work.

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  4. You both on point but this proves my theories right and one of them is that the struggles or obstacles we face, are not really from other nationalities but from our own kind, perhaps sometimes from our own minds. People want change but they are not willing to change themselves as human beings.


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