“It’s all in your head.”

Seeing the picture of Rashied Staggie, the (former) leader of the notorious gang “The Hard Livings” from the Cape, reminds me of one of the ferocious killer and criminal we’ve ever had in Pienaar, the township I grew up in.

His name was Skara,

You see, as a kid I was tall and my name????… Let’s just say I was bullied a lot because of my height and name as a kid and so, I tended to be a loner.

Skara on the other hand was one of the most feared criminals in my township, he spent half his life in prison. He was particularly known for his violent temper. You really didn’t want to cross paths with him!

Skara was my neighbour, and the day he was stoned to death by the whole community I was there! Before he died he asked for water from me. And everyone was astonished to hear him mention my name and asked for water because Skara didn’t have any friends and didn’t talk to anyone!

This though was not an accident or came as a surprise to me because I only and only I, was privy to a side of Skara not everyone knew. His softer side.

Skara grew up a tall child like me, and the name “Skara” was a nickname from jail, so he identified with me but didn’t say anything. And me being me as a kid didn’t figure out why the notorious thug liked me so much!

He sure was thinking that I was gonna turn out like him. Full of extreme anger and hate!

Skara didn’t figure out one thing though. That it’s not about how you look or your name, even where you come from or your sexual orientation or what people think of you. It’s about your mindset! It’s all in your brain!

I realised this from an early age!



There’s a connection between the body and the spirit.

I don’t feel OK in the spirit right now, and I can feel it in my body. Which reminds me, Marcus Garvey died from reading about his own death!

Which goes to say that words alone have the power to heal and words alone have the power to kill.

Right now, you are reading this blog because you are captivated by the words I’ve written. Your very existence happened because someone exchanged words with someone and they fell in love with them and you were born.

The very nations we live in exists because particular words were said, they were written down and we live by their code. You were able to vote for the head of state because he said words that impressed you, that convinced you, that gave you hope.

Apparently God is the word and he also spoke words to create the universe and all the animals on it.

Whenever they are facing adversity a couch will be there to give words of exhortation to his team.