The stereotype version of us.

We were driving around Pretoria, my sister and I, when we saw a group of prostitutes. Then the judgmental statements came pouring down from both of us but again I asked myself after that, aren’t they people as well?

They also are people right? they have families they support with that prostitute money. Although some are there to support their drug addictions but some are putting their kids to school with that money.

All what we saw my sister and I were a group of lazy, and disease riddled fiends who are lacking morals. So I thought, this is the same way racists white people see in us, they actually don’t see us but they see the stereotype version of us, lazy baboons. While some blacks see the stereotype version of white people as well, paranoid and bossy stooges.

This is the very same way most of the South Africans see foreigners, they see them as fiends who came to the republic illegally to take the jobs, to make our cities dirty, to introduce drugs and cause crime, to simply take over the country without even wanting to integrate with us, they are a clique of cockroaches I heard one Zulu guy said at one point. same how the Rwandan genocide happened! in fact same as how all genocide and hatred happens.

I don’t want to even talk about the discrimination faced by gay friends.

I love you South Afrika.