I’m a South African. ( Reasons why I blog)

First and foremost I’m a South African and most importantly I’m a black. These things I’ve mentioned may sound simple but they actually mean a lot to me and millions of my countrymen.

They mean that I’m a patriot, They mean that I can speak more than 2 languages fluently and they also mean that I’m the face of a shameful past. Finding a voice to express how one feels is not a very simplest of tasks. Especially if you live in a competitive world which dictates certain standards to achieve respect and to be considered smart.

I know I feel different and I do things differently, I cannot be boxed and be defined in simple terms, Sometimes I choose to put my thoughts and express myself in written word. Sometimes its through a song, sometimes it’s spoken word. Whatever form it is I choose to articulate myself, It needs to be concise and comprehensive.

Blogging gives me that space to express myself through written word, through pictures, through the appreciation of arts and I get to improve how I express myself. I gain confidence, I’m able to see how the world thinks out there, how is the world looking back at me, different opinionated people, different kinds of writing styles. I’m always fascinated by writers who are able to articulate something that does not only speak to me but can also speak to my soul, excites me when I read it, make me feel like I know them… I digress.